Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ironing Board Makeover

The other day I was ironing.  I hate ironing.  The fabric I was ironing was super wrinkly and in my frustration I was pushing pretty hard on it to get the wrinkles out.  That's when I noticed that the little crisscross design of the ironing board frame had imprinted on the fabric.  I decided that I would add a new ironing board cover to my Christmas list.  (Yes, I do realize this is July and I'm talking about Christmas.  But it's never too early to start planning...)

I was over at my mom's the other day finishing up the Olive Circles Dress and was doing some ironing.  I noticed that her ironing board was nice and padded and was much nicer to use.  I mentioned to her that I was going to add a new ironing board cover to my Christmas list because I was fed up with how un-puffy and flat mine is.

She showed me her secret - she had an extra layer of padding in there!  Once long ago she bought a foamy pad from Liquidation World that fit under the cover.  Genius!  She went to her sewing room closet and rooted around for a bit and came out with this:
And extra one!  She had bought two at the time.  I guess it's an early Christmas for me!  :)  Deck the Halls!

The next night I decided it was time to give my ironing board a make over. Here's my board pre-make over:
I pulled off the cover...
...added a layer of aluminum foil (Another secret I got from mom.  Apparently it reflects the heat from the iron and it cuts down your ironing time)...
...put on the extra foam pad...
And voila!  An ironing board so padded and cozy that Cleo couldn't wait to try it out!!
She hopped up and got comfortable even before I finished getting everything in place.  It must pass the test!


  1. How wonderful that your mum had exactly what you needed!

    And the finished product obviously passed the test! LOL

    My ironing board is in need of a makeover too!

  2. That aluminum foil tip is so neat -- I must try it tonight! :D

  3. Oh thank god, I'm not the only one that covets her mother's ironing board (iron too actually). There's something definitely not right about that though lol