Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Monkeyin' Around

Monday night I busted my butt and made a blanket for a special little fellow.  Josh is my good friend Lauren's son, and he loves monkeys.  And is a little monkey, too  ;).  I found a really sweet monkey flannelette set at Walmart and just had to get it for him.  The green plaid is left over from my Tinkerbell pants.
I quickly threw together this quilt top and love how it came together.
I backed it with a white fleece I got at the Mennonite thrift store.  The whole shebang cost $15.
 I then tried my hand at embroidering a little tag for it.  I started out trying to make it line up and be straight, but since I've had no practice that didn't work out.  So I decided to make it crooked on purpose. I wanted to also include 'To Josh' but didn't have enough room.  So I just put the name of the blanket and who it was from.

 Then I rolled it up and put a ribbon on it.  No wrapping required!
 It was his bed time when I got there, and had also brought Cleo along for a visit, so he was a little distracted.  But he did seem to enjoy how soft it is!
 Then he saw my camera and wanted to play with it.