Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Closet Curtains

Hey there!  I know it's been a while since I've posted anything.  It's actually been a while since I've sewn anything!!

In my continued effort of organizing my home, I decided to tackle our bedroom closet.  Mr Mouse and I went through its contents and filled 3 big boxes of clothes to give to Goodwill!  That initial purge felt so great.  Once the closet was clean and organized, Mr Mouse took off the closet doors and stored them in the garage.  We never close the doors anyway, and because we have a smaller room with large furniture, it was like running the gauntlet every time I had to pass by the closet.

I had a curtain rod stored away that I was planning on using on the dining room window, but since it had been tucked away for over 2 years, I figured that it was safe to say it wouldn't be used there any time soon.  I pulled it out and dusted it off and Mr Mouse expertly hung it over the closet.

Then came time to make the curtains.  I was getting excited to go online and browse all the lovely fabrics out there and order something brand new.  But then Mr Mouse kindly reminded me that I have too much fabric as it is, and perhaps it might be a good idea to use from my stash?  He's pretty brilliant.

Right now my favorite colors are chartreuse, teal, and brown.  I dug through my scrap bin and pulled out a bunch of fabrics that worked together.  Using this towel as inspiration, I sewed them together to create an accent strip.  I found just enough light brown fabric from Ikea (that almost perfectly matches our walls) to use for the body of the curtains.  I hemmed them and added curtain loops, and voilà!  (Please pardon the poor quality iPhone pictures)


  1. They look great, and far fancier than the cream curtain/wardrobe doors I have!

  2. your closet curtains look fantastic! Yay for using up stash! :) & for decluttering the closet!

  3. Your Mr Mouse is the smartest fella eva! And you my dear are awesome. I love them!

    Hope your purging continues to go well.

  4. It was gobsmacked blog! my friends must see this. I will tell it when we have time for curtain cleaning.