Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall Colors

Current Weather:  14 and partly cloudy.  Not a bad day!  After the miserable summer we had, today was a treat!  I wanted to take advantage of the nice weather while it lasted, so I took my bike out and rode around the neighbourhood and took pictures of all the beautiful colors!  I was glad to have an opportunity to use my bike - I got it last winter, and hardly had a chance to use it this summer with all the lame weather we had.  I also enjoyed exploring my new(ish) neighbourhood and looking at all the darling houses.  I saw some dark clouds forming above Nose Hill and started to head there to try and capture the darkening sky, but the wind picked up hard core and I was getting sand blasted, so I headed back home.  All in all it was a lovely time!  Here are some of my favorites:

Click here to see the entire album.

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