Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Last Friday mom and I got to go see Cirque du Soleil's Kooza.

It was a phenomenal show!!  We saw 3 crazy bendy ladies who looked like they were made of rubber; a unicyclist who could lift up a girl and twirl her around while riding around the stage; tight rope walkers who jumped rope and rode bikes on a tiny wire waaaay up high; a lady who could spin 7 hoola hoops at once from her ankles, waist, and wrists; a man who could balance in seemingly impossible positions on top of a tower of chairs; and a pickpocket who stole a guy's tie without him even knowing.  My favorite part was the two guys on the Wheel of Death.

I sat on the edge of my seat through the whole act with my mouth hanging open.  Just when I thought they had done their craziest, most dangerous stunt, they did something even more crazy dangerous.  They seemed fearless as they ran around those wheels jumping and flying through the air.

The music was fantastic as well, and was perfectly matched to the acts that were happening on stage.  Some of the parts were performed by a live band with a live singer, which added to the excitement of the show.

The 3 hour show passed by in no time, and was one of the most exciting evenings I've had!

The cherry on the top was the water.  I went to the concession to buy water bottles for mom and I, and was shocked to see they were $6 each!  I was pleasantly surprised when the cashier handed me 2 nice, aluminum water bottles with Cirque du Soleil written on them.  What a nice souvenir!

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