Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fabric Delivery!

Mr. Mouse called me at work yesterday to tell me a package from Hawthorne Threads had arrived at the house.  I had forgotten what I had ordered, so it was just like Christmas!!

Left to right, starting with the back row:
1.  Frond in Ivory by Alice Kennedy
2.  Swaying Vines in Aloe by Alice Kennedy
       -I plan to use both of these to make a cute bag!
3.  Bare Trees in White by David Textiles House Designer
4.  Bare Trees in Black by David Textiles House Designer
       -These are going into the Wedding Placemats.  Since the other fabrics I wanted were out of stock, I'm going to have to rethink my original design.  More on that to come...
5.  Hoo's in the Forest in Pink by Doohikey Designes
6.  Hoo's in the Forest in Blue by Doohikey Designes
       -No immediate plans for these yet.  I thought they would be handy to have around.
7.  Yule Critters in Lime by Michael Miller
       -Christmas is coming!  :)
8.  WildField in Cobalt by Valori Wells
9.  WildField in Cobalt by Valori Wells
      -No plans for these yet either.  I just love them.

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