Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pink and Green Apron

We were visiting my brother and sister in law in Edmonton one weekend when she happened to mention that she wished she had an apron.  Since I had just started sewing at that point, I decided I'd try and make her one.  This was my second major sewing project, and being a novice sewer it was quite a lot to take on for me.  I was doing ok with it all until the waistband pattern piece and fabric disappeared.  I blame Cleo.  I got discouraged and put it on my shelf for a few months.  I then made this apron and thought I could give it to her instead, but she said that she wanted something with a top part because her new baby kept spitting up on her.  So I thought I should just finish this apron, since I was 98% done it already, and it was going to go to her in the first place.  I decided I could figure out the size and shape of the waistband on my own, so I did.  And I finished the apron!
What's going on with my finger?!

Here's the skirt:

It's a shame that all these pleats are hidden underneath!

I'm not 100% happy with the hand stitching on the collar, but it's on the underside, and no one is really going to look at it anyway.
I wrapped it all up and it's ready to be gifted!  I'll be seeing my sis in law this weekend and will give it to her then.  Hopefully she likes it!

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