Wednesday, July 6, 2011

WIP Wednesday #5

Completed Projects

1)  Tinkerbell PJ Pants
Hooray!  I finished something!  These were fun and super easy to make.  They're a little big and baggy, but super comfy!!  

Again, the bottom cuff fabric matches a lot better in real life than in the photo.  I wanted to get a picture of me wearing them so you could see them properly, but Mr. Mouse is golfing this evening and I have no photography assistant.

Ongoing Projects

1)  Spring All Over Quilt
Still sewing the binding.  I think I have Binding ADD; I can only do a bit at a time before it drives me crazy!  I have finished 2.5 sides; only 1.5 more to go!

3)  Skill Builder Sampler QAL
I made some more progress on this!  Read more about it here.

4)  Olive Circles Dress
Almost done!  My mom's been working hard on it.  Watch for a post in the next few days!

I've been working my way through cutting the fabrics for this one.  I finished the red triangles and have started the black triangles.  I still have the solid fabric to go through...

On Hold

1)  New Bee on the Block Quilting Bee - I got word on Tuesday that the fabric for the first square is in the mail!  It should arrive any day now!
2) 2 Dresses
3) Cosmo Bag
4) Wedding Placemats - Just waiting for the fabric to arrive...
5) Retro Trees Skirt

Cleo was hanging out on my sewing chair while I finished up sewing and was taking the pictures.


  1. very nice pj pants,, I prefer mine a little baggy and comfy. LOVE the cat!!!

  2. Oh, my! Cleo is BEAUTIFUL! Is she a Bengal?

  3. Baggy and comfy is just right!

  4. Wow! Cleo stole the show. What kind of cat is she. So beautiful.