Monday, September 26, 2011

Another Pillow!

I made another pillow!

A few years ago a coworker gave me a cloth handkerchief.  

I'm not sure where he got it, or why he gave it to me, but I guess he figured I would get more use out of it than he would.  It sat in my desk drawer for a few years, and when we moved office buildings in April I took it home.  But it sat around at home for a few months until I remembered that I can sew, and that I should be able to make something useful out of it!

The handkerchief was pretty flimsy and kinda see-through-y, so I ironed on some fusible interfacing.  I didn't have any fabric that matched, so I popped over to Fabricland and was pleased that their quilting cotton was still $4.50/m!  I stocked up on some white (as well as a few others) and found some fun remnants.

I made an envelope back (it's kind of wrinkly in this picture) and stuffed it with the pillow form I had bought from the thrift store that was too large for my last pillow.

So far neither pillow I've made matches each other or my 'decor' in my living room, but they're still fun and add a bit of color!


  1. Pretty cushion, but man, that was one huge hankie to start with lol

  2. I was just thinking that....I've never seen such a big hankie! Great job, Esther! Reminds me of Spring. Jillian

  3. What a pretty handkerchief and a clever use for it.