Monday, September 5, 2011

Rainbow Pinwheels

I have become addicted to swaps on flickr.  Are you in any fun swaps?  I like the fabric postcard and doll quilt swaps.  Those are projects that can be completed in an evening and you can still be creative with them.  I recently completed this Rainbow Pinwheels doll quilt for a swap.  My only disappointment is the purple.  It was the only one I had on hand, and I was determined to not purchase any fabric for this project.  It's a little fainter than I would have liked.

Can you tell I'm into pinwheels these days?


  1. Cool, and love the stripey binding (BTW the last 4 posts all suddenly appeared in my Dashboard feed, not sure why the delay?)

  2. That is a lovely quilt - I love the colours and pinwheels are such fun!