Monday, June 13, 2011

Pink & Green Quilt Front Done!

Finishing my camera bag made me motivated to complete something else!  I rushed home from church on Sunday morning and got to work on my quilt.  Since I had the house to myself, I worked and worked and worked and lost track of time.  I didn't even eat lunch!  Part way through the afternoon I noticed I was shaking.  I couldn't tell if it was the caffeine from my tea, excitement about seeing progress, or from starvation.  But I just kept going!  Here's how it looks:

Sorry the pictures are dark and faded... I took them around dusk last night and I guess didn't lighten them enough after.

Here's what I'm going to use for the back.  A vintage sheet from the Goodwill store!
Oh yeah, my in laws came back from a Baltic Cruise this weekend and brought us back this little box.  Again, sorry for the poor quality picture.  By this point in the evening the mosquitoes were out and I just quickly snapped a shot and ran inside.

Does it remind you of a certain whiny cat you may have seen before?
She's yelling at me for being outside without her.  How dare I have all the fun while she sits and whines inside all by herself!

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