Friday, June 3, 2011

A Worthy Cause

I was reading Cheryl's blog Naptime Quilter when I came across a post about an organization called Quilts Recover.  It's a fantastic new organization that is collecting unused quilts and distributing them in areas that have been affected by a disaster.  
Currently all the donated quilts will be going to Slave Lake, Alberta, which was devastated by fire a few weeks ago.  They will be accepting donations specifically for Slave Lake up until July 31, 2011.  

Maybe you have an unused quilt or two laying around that could go to a deserving home?  Email for shipping information.  

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  1. My name is Linda Beeston and I own Patchwork Fabrics a quilt shop in Slave Lake. Upon returning home and finding both my home and business had survived the wildfire that had ravaged our town May 15th,2011 , I started 'BLANKET SLAVE LAKE WITH LOVE one quilt at a time'. I have been receiving quilts from all over Canada and in turn have friends, family,neighbors ,or co-workers of ones who have lost their homes come in to the store and register these people and then they choose and deliver the quilts personally . My goal is for each of the 732 households(432 houses and 300 apartments) as well as each child(approximately 800-1000 children) in the home to receive a quilt. To date we have received over 400 quilts from all over Canada and have had over 300 of these delivered to the families. As you can see by the huge number of losses we are in need of many more quilts to be donated so I keep reaching out every chance I get. I would really appreciate you considering myself as your Slave Lake contact for distributing the quilts you have planned for here and also to help me spread the word around further. You can contact me through the store number 780-849 -6464 anytime and if it isn't during business hours please leave a message and I will return your call ASAP . Thanks in advance from Slave Lake.