Thursday, June 16, 2011

Retro Fun

Check out this awesome material my mom found waaay in the back corner of her sewing room...

Apparently her mom (my Oma) bought it years and years and years ago for $0.75/meter.  Could you imagine paying that little?!  Think of all the fabric I could buy!!

She selflessly gave it to me, and since the pattern is so large I think I'm going to make a skirt out of it.  I was happy to stumble across a great tutorial on Noodlehead  that is simple and cute all at the same time.

I probably won't get to it this week.... or next week... but check back in a few weeks to see the completed project!


  1. Love it! My mom just decided she would give me a bunch of sheets, too. Isn't it exciting to add to the stash? Or get to make something for free on your part? =P yay!

  2. That certainly is retro; enjoy sewing with it.