Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hello again from Santorini

We're back at that Internet Cafe. It's really nice in here... there are tons of computers and they're all set up very nicely. I don't know anything about computers, but it is nice in here. I like it.

This morning we woke up around 8:00 and showered. Then George (the man who owns the place we're staying at) brought us some juice, tea, and little cakes. He then drove us to a store where we bought a jacket for me. I forgot mine at home, and yesterday was so cold, so we asked him and he took us to this store on the way to the port. We then boarded our boat, sailed to the volcano, and got out and hiked around. We got to hike right up to the active crater, and it was quite amazing because there was steam coming up from all around and our feet felt very hot just from the heat coming up from the ground. It also really stunk like sulphur. From there we sailed to the "hot springs", which I was expecting to be like the Banff Hot Springs, but it was really this murky, slimy little bay. Neither Lowen nor I felt like going in the water, so we just waited on the boat. Then we sailed to another little island where we did some wandering around and then ate lunch. That was super yummy. We shared chicken souvlaki, fries, and tomato and cucumber salad. By this point I was feeling a little warm and realized that we totally forgot to bring sunscreen. We got back to the boat and asked some nice Americans if we could borrow their sunscreen, and the girl told me to put lots on because I was really pink. I did, but I still got burned pretty badly. We weren't expecting that at all because yesterday was so cloudy and cold!

We got back to Fira and wandered around a little bit and then went and had supper. The place we chose looked really good, but then when our food came, my baked potato had mold on it! Then the waiter was trying to convince me that it was yougurt, but I had taken a bite and it was clearly mold because it tasted like mold. Lowen said his meal tasted like it had been in the freezer for a year and then re heated. So we went to the same bakery we went to last night and had a massive piece of chocolate cake with chocolate chunks on top and chocolate syrup and melted chocolate inside. It was some of the best cake I have ever had!

We found a pharmacy and bought some aloe gel that I plan on bathing in tonight. We're going to stop by another drug store that we think might be cheaper tomorrow and buy sunscreen. All they have for sunscreen is over priced ultra name brand stuff and it is hard for me to spend 17 euro on a tiny little bottle!!

The plan for tomorrow is to wander around Fira a little more, have some crepes, then make our way to Crete. Hopefully we can find some internet there...

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  1. BEST crepes on Santorini are in Perissa!! In case you're going!