Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hello from Griesheim!

After my last posting in Liechtenstein, Lowen and I went for a little walk around the town. We found a really pretty path along a little creek. They have beautiful trees that are full of pink, white, and purple flowers. After our walk we browsed through a few watch stores. I ended up buying a really nice black watch.

We then hopped on the bus that took us to the train station, and we began to make our way to Munich. We had to change trains only once. I enjoy the train because I can look out the window and watch everything go by.

We arrived in Munich and found out that the hotel was farther away from the train station than Lowen had originally thought. Plus I had to use the washroom, so it made it seem even farther away. We finally made it, dropped off our luggage, and then went to find some supper. We ended up going to a little donair shop. It was nice because the man actually talked to me in German - most people switch to English when they hear my accent. Sometimes I get so frustrated, because I want to practice speaking German, but then the people speak English to me. Oh well, at least I can understand that better. After we finished our tasty donairs we went back to the hotel and went to bed.

The next morning Lowen woke up before me and went to use the internet. That's when he found out that the Neuschwanstein Castle isn't as close to Munich as I thought... it is actually a 2 hour train ride away! And it seemed that we had missed all the tours for the day. I was really disappointed because that Castle was one of the things I for sure wanted to do this trip. But, in typical Lowen fashion, Lowen got us there for even cheaper than we had thought. It was 30 euros for us both to take the train there. That price also included the bus to get us from the train staion to the castle and back, and also the metro once we were back in Munich. We got to the castle and found out that there were actually 2 there! We paid the admission price for Neuschwanstein, and just went and looked at the other. It was quite a hike up to the castle! Somehow we missed the beginning part of the English tour, but managed to catch up with it. They said that you weren't allowed to take pictures in the castle, so that was quite disappointing. But, if they allowed you to take pictures, how would they sell postcards at the end? It is a beautiful place. It was built only at the end of the 1800s and was never fully completed. The parts we saw were so ornate and detailed. Some rooms took many, many people several years to complete.

After the castle we made our way back to the hotel where we changed, and then went back out to walk around a bit. We had a nice dinner at a German pub, although Lowen' pork still had the skin on it and it was kind of gross. But I had cream of asparagus soup and little sausages with saurkraut. It was yummy. Then we realized we were really tired and still far away from the hotel, so we headed back and went to bed.

The next morning we got up and went to the train station and got on the train to Darmstadt. That ride was about 4 hours. When we got there, Sandy, Hermy, and Ruben were at the station to greet us. They took us back to their house where we had juice and cake, then we went to a high ropes course. That was a lot of fun, although by the end I was so tired and sore! We then picked up Pia, came home, and had a wonderful dinner. I forget what it's called, but there is a hot pan in the middle of the table, and everyone has little mini pans, and you put your food in these pans and cook it. The concept is like a fondue. Sandy has been reading my blogs and bought all my favorite foods like Fanta, tomatos and mozzarella, and other cheeses! Then for dessert we had vanilla ice cream with raspberries on top. Yummy!

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