Monday, April 20, 2009

Hello from Liechtenstien!

Sorry again it's been a while since my last post. We have had a hard time finding (reasonably priced) Internet. We went to one place in Zurich, and it was 18CHF for an hour!

Also, I need to apologize for this keyboard. It's a German one, and some of the letters and symbols are in different places. I'll do my best to catch any mistakes, but if a 'y' and a 'z' are mixed up, that's why.

After I finished my last post, we stopped at that amazing Gelato place again. Seriously, that place has the best gelato ever, and it was cheap too! Then we got back to our hotel room and realizyed our gelato was all gone. We thought about how sad that was and how it was our last night in Italy, so we went back and got more.

The next morning we woke up pretty early and walked around a part of Venice that we had missed the day before. I really enjoyed being up early and seeing all the vendors setting up their shops. We finally found a nice picture frame, and so Lowen bought it along with a matching bowl. He said they looked good together and we needed to have a matching set. We also stumbled across a farmer's market of sorts. For some odd reason I have been craving radishes, and I was able to find some for .50 euro for a big bunch. Lowen also bought some raspberries. We then went to the supermarket and bought some bread, cheese, and drinks for our train ride to Zurich. On the way back to the hotel, we stopped at the gelato place and had some pizza, then had 3 scoops of gelato each! We figured we had to try out every flavor we could! I had Mojito, Pear, and Blood Orange. Lowen had a Spicy Chocolate, Cinnamon Chocolate, and ... one other, I forget. Then we ran back to the hotel, grabbed our bags, then went to the train station and got on our train.

The ride to Milan was uneventful. We met a nice couple with a really cute kid. Lowen gave him a strawberry and within a few minutes he was completely red. The man is a pediatrician and his wife is a pediatric nurse, and they've travelled the world helping kids. Lowen had a lot of fun talking to him. In Milan we grabbed a quick bite to eat and waited for our train to Zurich. It was a little late, and me being the anal planner, I was getting worried! But it finally came and everyone flocked to it. Getting on trains in Italy is madness... everyone is pushing and trying to be the first one through, or they're just standing in the way with their luggage. We finally found our seats, and they were next to a newlywed couple named Adam and Esther. They live in Hungary and were just in Switzerland for the weekend. The ride from Milan to Zurich was absolutely stunning. We went through the Alps and there was always something to see. Lowen was facinated by the engineering of the tracks... we went through many tunnels and high high bridges. We ate our bread and cheese on the train.

Once we got to Zurich we checked into our hotel. It was right above a night club. And they had sprayed some kind of strong air freshener all over because the room was rank! So we opened up the windows and went out walking for a bit. We tried to find some place reasonable to eat at, but everything was so expensive. So we went to an American food restaurant and had kebabs. When we got back to the hotel, the club was in full swing and we could clearly hear the music. But I put my earplugs in and went to sleep.

The next morning we got up and walked around some more. We stumbled on some kind of Spring Festival. There were horses and carriages, little kids dressed up in all kinds of old fashioned costumes, camels, rides, games, bands, and everything! That was a lot of fun! We spent the morning going around and trying to see everything. For lunch we had bratwurst. Mmmm... so good! When we realized how late it was, we made a mad dash back to the hotel for our luggage, then back to the train station and caught the 3:12 train to Leichtenstein. I am trying my best to speak German to people here, but they pick up on my accent and switch to English. That doesn't help me learn when they do that! But one nice lady selling water on the train instead spoke very slowly and clearly, and I appreciated that I could at least have one entire exchange in German!

We had to get off the train in Sogans and catch the bus from there. We found our bus and the driver was just going inside the little supermarket there, so we went in too and got a few snacks. Then we got on the bus and it took us very close to our hotel. This country really is beautiful. Everything is well manicured and well taken care of, and it is all so green and beautiful. We checked into the hotel and then hiked up a massive hill to a beautiful old castle. What we didn't realize until we found some signs on the way down was that it was actually the home of the ruling Prince of Liechtenstein. I was amazed that we were able to walk right up to it! That hike was a lot of fun. We took some stunning pictures of the sights, and found a neat lookout point that overlooked the whole town.

By this point we were starving, so we made our way back to the hotel and ate at the hotel restaurant. It was very expensive, but soooo delicious. I had white asperagus soup and then rabbit for my main course. It was probably one of the best meals I have had in a long time! Thez also brought us great bread with some fantastic cheese spread, and a scallop with tomato and mango risoto, as well as some tiny cookies and chocolates free of charge!

Sadly we have to leave today. We're catching the bus around 1:30 to head to the train station to go to Munich.


  1. I sure love reading about your stories. Makes me really want to travel again.

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