Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hello from Florence!

First of all, I have to apologize for spelling 'Colosseum' wrong in my blog yesterday. I wasn't sure if it had one or 2 'l's in it, and the crazy Italian computer told me the wrong spelling.

This morning we got up and had that wonderful breakfast again. I must have eaten half their platter of cheese. It was that really good butter cheese... mmmm, some of my favorite! That hotel was really nice. It was funny because one evening Lowen and I were coming back from having dinner, and I was wearing my flip flops, and the man at the front desk said to me, "Madam, where are your shoes?" in a really thick Italian accent. He was worried that I was going to freeze, but I explained to him that I was from Canada, and what the Italians think is cold is actually hot to me!

After breakfast we packed up and went to the train station to head to Pisa. It was a 4 hour train ride. Once we arrived in Pisa we stopped for some pizza (haha, pizza in Pisa) because I was getting hangry. I had olives on my pizza, but for some reason they were whole olives and not pitted and cut, so it made eating it kind of awkward because I had to spit out the pits every once in a while. Then we walked to the tower. That was a lot of fun to see! Although unfortunately there was more scaffolding on it, just like there was on the Parthenon and the Roman Ruins. But it was still neat to see. Of course we took the typical cliche pictures of us pushing it over and holding it up.

I bought a new dress today. It was only 30 Euros so I was pleased with that. It's a style I've always wanted, so I was happy to find one in Italy for a price I was willing to pay.

From Pisa we took the train 1 hour to Florence. Lowen hooked us up with a sweet hostel for whil we're here. It's only about a block from the train station and right in the heart of the city. We have our own room and bathroom, big screen TV with satellite, and computer with Internet. Marco also has adaptors in the plugs so that our North American plugs will fit.

Then we walked about a block to a little restaurant for supper. We had some of the best pasta ever! It was so tasty and I was so hungry that I almost finished the whole, huge plate by myself. But good thing Lowen was there to finish up my leftovers.

That's about it for today. Most of our day was spent on the train. Tomorrow I think we're just going to wander around Florence and see the sights.


  1. Dear Esther & Loewen
    Auntie Ruth and I loved Florence. The Duomo (sp) is so beautiful - hope you looked at all of the scenes that are on the doors. There was a fabulous gelato shop at the end of the Ponte Vechio (sp) where A Ruth got the best raspberry gelato. Are you going to Venice? We stopped there on the train trip to Austria but didn't get off and wish we had to this day. It is fun following your adventure by the blog but it always makes me hungry - you sure can eat a lot!!!! HaHa. Have fun and keep typing. Love ya both, B

  2. Next week we will have some german butter cheese...hmmm...