Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hello from Athens

Right now Lowen and I are sitting in the Athens airport. This morning we got up and checked out of the hotel, then went and wandered around Crete a bit. Although, since it is Easter Sunday, most of the shops were closed. It was a little disappointing becausewe arrived in Crete Friday night, and pretty much everything shuts down on the weekend, so we weren't able to do that much.

Yesterday we had a nap in the afternoon and then walked around the capital city of Crete (I forget what it is called). They have really good green apple Fanta here that I love, so we went to a supermarket and bought 2 4 packs of it. Right now it is in Lowen's suitcase, making it very heavy. We stopped and had some gyros for supper and ordered a big plate of taz and fries to go with them. One thing thatis different about the big city is that there are a lot more beggers. While we were eating we had several kids come up to us and ask for money. One little boy stopped at our table and had to be shooed away by the owner of the restaurant. After that we found a nice gelato place and got some tasty ice cream. We sat by a fountain built in 1629 and ate it. Then it started to rain, so we found cover, but it passed quickly. We went back to the hotel and just took it easy that evening and read and watched some TV shows on Lowen's little GPS unit. We got hungry again, so we went and got a chicken dish from the Chinese food place across the street.

This afternoon we flew from Crete to Athens, and now we're in the airport waiting for our flight to Rome. It's nice because there's a free internet station right by our gate, and you can use it for 15 minutes at a time.

We bought some Oregano flavored chips to snack on. They're pretty good... they taste kind of like roasted, seasoned potatos. In Santorini we bought 'Chinese' flavored chips, and those were really weird. I'm sure, though, if a Greek person came to Canada they might find ketchup and dill pickle chips to be weird.

Another thing I am having a hard time getting used to is the lack of respect for personal space. I was in the line up at the duty free shop, and the people in line behind me were standing so close to me it made me feel so uncomfortable. It's like that everywhere. People here are also not good at lining up. I was in Zara waiting to pay for my dress and sweater, and people kept cutting in front of me. Mom and I would always laugh at the people at the bus stop who would stand in line waiting for the bus. I is completely not like that here!

Well I should go... Lowen is patiently waiting for me to finish watching our epsiode of Lost.

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