Friday, April 17, 2009

Hello again from Venice!

Last night after we were finished with the internet, we discovered that we were hungry again. We stopped at a little bakery/deli and I bought a tomato mozzarella salad, and Lowen had some kind of sandwich. I also had a long, chewy candy thing that was very tasty. We got back to the room and did some reading, watched a Flight of the Conchords episode, then went to bed early. It worked out well because then we woke up pretty early and started our adventure in Venice.

We took the boat bus from the train station as far as we were able to go. That was so neat being able to see Venice from the water. It's crazy how many boats are on the water, and how well people can drive them. It was really amazing to see all the old buildings and canals and such. When we got to the end of the line, we found St. Mark's Square and took several pictures there, and I of course bought some more postcards. Then we wandered around some more, trying to find the Arsenal for Lowen, and we found it but weren't able to figure out how to get it, if we even could. So we stopped for lunch and had pizza. That's pretty much all we've eaten all week. Pizza and pasta and gelato.

After lunch we meandered through the streets, and Lowen found a great deal on a glass penguin. I love penguins, and we had seen several in many stores, but most were 75+ euros and that was too much for me to pay. We found this one for 15, so I had to get it! I also got another gift for mom. (Sorry mom, I know you told me to stop but it was an accident) Lowen had the idea to buy a nice glass frame, and we have been looking in several stores. This one store we stopped in the owner came up to us and said, "To buy, or not to buy?" I replied, "We're just looking, thanks" and then he said, "No buy? Bye bye!" And directed for us to leave the store. I thought that was quite rude! So instead of buying something from him we went and got more gelato. This time we got pink grapefruit. It was fantastic. Then we went back to the hotel and had a 25 minute power nap. We have been doing so much walking these days, that by the end of the day I am just beat! Then we realized that we were hungry again, so we went to the same restaurant as last night and even ordered the same food. It was so delicious! They had this lovely tea at the restaurant. It is Twinnings tea, and I think it was Brazillian Baja or something like that. We went to a supermarket today to try and find it, but they didn't have any. If you ever see it, please let me know! It has a picture of a Brazillian temple and a coconut on it. Mmmmm.

I've learned that you really only need to know one word here. Prego. They use it for everything. For answering the phone, saying your welcome, asking if you're ready, telling you they're ready, as a random filler word, and I'm sure there are other uses I'm forgetting. It is actually quite funny how often you hear it. At first Lowen and I thought they were all talking about the spaghetti sauce, but then we figured it out.

The plan for tomorrow is to catch the 11:50 train to Milan, then transfer there and continue on to Zurich. We'll spend the night there and the next day, then take the train to Liechtenstein. I am so looking forward to that... Liechtenstein has always been on my list of places I wanted to visit. It's a monarchy, and the king there is the 6th richest ruler in the world. They have no income tax and have more registered businesses than people. They use the Swiss Frank, so thats great because I brought mine with me. Should be fun!

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